Two Vinyl Wrap DIY Installation Mistakes to Avoid

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The only surefire way to avoid amateur vehicle wrap mistakes is to hire a professional car wrapping company. Many amateurs think that with the help of a few How-To YouTube videos, installing a vehicle wrap won’t be that hard. But there are many steps to installing vinyl wraps that can make your car wrap unappealing. Every step is a chance to make a mistake.

Most Common Wrap installation mistakes

Bubbling, peeling, and misalignment is the most evident and common DIY mistakes. A vehicle wrap will always come in several sections. Each section needs to be perfectly aligned with the next, and each has to be correctly placed on the vehicle to make the design impactful. As if the alignment wasn’t tricky enough, any tiny specs of dust or debris can prevent the edges from being tightly sealed and cause peeling. Getting all the sections to lay perfectly smooth on the vehicle is also more complicated than you may think. Amateurs are quickly confronted with air bubbles being trapped under the viny. These are not the only areas that can cause problems.Voiding DIY vehicle wrap mistakes.

Preparing your vehicle

Many amateurs think that the only preparation they need to undergo is to clean the car meticulously. While this is a vital step, there’s more to preparing the vehicle for a wrap. Anything that can be removed, should be removed, like door handles, weather stripping, or any other equipment that can be easily removed. Wrapping around door handles and the like will make it way more complicated, and won’t make the wrap look as good as it could.

Cutting the trim

There will always be a little trim that needs to be cut off before you seal the edges. Understanding how to safely cut the excess trim of the vinyl wrap is essential. The finished wrap should look like it was installed professionally, which means you have to know how to treat the edges for a smooth finish. Mistakes in this area can cause the edges to peel, or worse; you could damage the vehicle and scratch the paint underneath.

A professionally installed wrap should protect the original paint job, allowing you to remove the wrap without damage to the car.

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