Custom Vehicle Wraps are Better Than Custom Paint Jobs

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There’s no doubt that turning your vehicle into a rolling billboard is going to be worth every penny. The impressions you get for the cost of a vehicle wrap makes this one of the best investments you can make. If you’re looking to turn your vehicle into a branding machine and grow your business, but don’t know if you should choose a custom vehicle wrap or a custom paint job, then read on.

Custom vehicle wraps Nashville

A custom vehicle wrap is a better investment than a custom paint job.

Differences between a vehicle wrap and a paint job

A custom paint job may seem like you get a higher quality product, but in truth, a vehicle wrap will give you a much better return on your investment, giving you the same results. Regarding using your vehicle to advertise your business and garnering impressions wherever it goes, a custom paint job or a custom vehicle wrap will serve more or less the same function. But the custom paint job has some significant downsides that will cost you more, both up front and in the future. As far as getting the best ROI, you can’t beat a vehicle wrap.

Custom paint job costs more

Vehicle wrap is better than paint

A vehicle wrap will protect the original paint job and is removable.

As far as being cost-effective a custom paint job will cost you more up front than a custom vehicle wrap. A custom paint job will cost you more in labor and in time. Although a quality custom vehicle wrap isn’t going to be cheap, per say, it’s still going to cost you less than a paint job, simply because the manufacturing and the installation are simpler and more efficient.

You can’t remove a custom paint job

When you’re running a business, you have to think about the long-term effects of every decision. Once you start to dominate your local market with high quality and effective graphic designs you will eventually need to expand. You may also want to upgrade your vehicles to keep up with a growing business and growing services. A custom paint job is forever, whereas vinyl graphics are removable. If you ever want to resell your old company vehicle, being able to remove your custom vehicle wrap is a big plus. It’s much harder to sell a vehicle with a permanent custom paint job that the new owner will have to remove, rather than simply removing your vinyl graphics and having the car return to its original color.

Vinyl wraps protect original paint job

Tour bus vehicle wrap

A vehicle wrap on a tour bus is the most cost-effective way to promote your band.

Plus, a vinyl wrap isn’t just great for business, it’s great for the original paint job of the car. The vinyl will serve as a protective layer, so when you are ready to sell your car and upgrade, the original paint job will still look great. Custom wraps not only help promote and brand your business, but it also protects the value of your vehicle.


Custom vehicle wraps in the Nashville area

If you’re looking for a vehicle wrap for your service vehicle, your delivery van, or you’re a musician that needs to play gigs all over the country, having a custom made vehicle wrap for your vehicle gives your company a unique and visible presence no matter where you go.

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