Preparation, Installation, and Post Installation Required for a Great Vehicle Wrap

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Finding a full-service quality vehicle wrap facility

Before you can wrap your vehicle there’s a great deal of preparation that needs to happen. To get the most of your vehicle wrap you need to find a vehicle wrap facility that isn’t going to cut corners. The preparation, installation, and post-installation are key factors in a quality vehicle wrap.

Custom vehicle wraps Nashville

A custom wrap is made for the shape, size, and contours of the vehicle.

Preparing your vehicle for a wrap

You can’t just drive your vehicle into the wrap bay, throw on a vinyl wrap and call it a day. There is some preparation that needs to take place first. If your wrap installer doesn’t understand the importance of preparing the vehicle for the wrap, you need to look for a new installer. If the car isn’t completely clean and free of wax, the wrap is not going to look good, and it’s not going to last. If the wrapping facility doesn’t offer to properly prepare your vehicle for the wrap installation, make sure you understand what you need to do to prepare your vehicle.

Wrapping a dirty car

Dirt and wax residue can affect the outcome of the wrap. Even tiny specs of dust and dirt can prevent the wrap from sticking, and the wrap will soon start to peel and loosen at the seams. If the wrap isn’t completely sealed around the car, then moisture will soon start to seep in behind the wrap and cause further distortion and damage. Therefore, the car must be completely clean and dry before installing vinyl wrap.


Because you want your car to be completely clean you also need the installation facility to be dust free. If the wrapping facility can’t promise a dust-free wrapping environment then it doesn’t matter how meticulously you cleaned your car beforehand. You need to make sure that the wrapping facility won’t contaminate your car and ruin the wrap.

Customized to your vehicle

Factors to a great vehicle wrap

Make sure the installation facility won’t cut corners regarding the pre-installation, installation, or post-installation.

Make sure that the person wrapping your vehicle is taking into account the curves and edges of your vehicle. A custom designed wrap is made to perfectly fit the contours of your vehicle for the best placement. Your installation expert should understand how to properly install the vehicle wrap. It’s more than just putting a giant sticker on your vehicle. A good installation takes planning and expertise and an understanding of how every vehicle is different.

Post Installation

Temperature can distort, stretch, or shrink the vinyl vehicle wrap. Once the wrap has been properly installed there is still one more step to go: the post-installation step. Because the vinyl wrap will have been pulled and stretched for a smooth and even installation, the installer needs to ensure that the vinyl will retain the shape of your vehicle once the vehicle leaves the facility. Heat can be used on areas of the wrap that are stretched or curved to ensure that the vinyl doesn’t pull back and distort the installation.

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