Vinyl Wraps and Decals Will Never Stop Promoting Your Band

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Nashville is alive with music all year round, and the fall season is no different. There is no time in Nashville when you don’t have an opportunity for you and your band to play. Because the competition is fierce, your band marketing game needs to be on point. Twisted Concept is a one-stop shop for musicians who are looking for effective ways to promote their band and succeed in the Nashville music scene.

Promoting your band

Band brandingBeing a Nashville based company we understand the needs of musicians who come to Nashville seeking fame and fortune. Breaking into the Nashville music scene is a full-time job, so your promotional and marketing efforts should be, too. Since musicians are notoriously strapped for cash, you want to look for ways to market your band that will work when you are playing, as well as all the times that you are not playing. Twisted Concepts can help you promote your band 365 days a year, seven days a week, and 24 hours a day. Our vinyl wraps will promote your band, wherever and whenever.

Vinyl wraps to promote your band

You may not have a big tour bus that you can custom wrap to promote your brand, but you probably have some sort of vehicle or band-van. Whether you do a full-wrap with your band’s brand, or go for a simple vinyl decal, promoting your band on a car, truck, van, or bus is one of the most cost-effective branding solutions.

Wrap anything to promote your band’s brand

Maybe your mom isn’t super stoked on you wrapping the family mini-van with your band logo, but there are plenty of other things that we can wrap. In fact, we can wrap just about anything from instruments to monitors to flight cases. Make sure that when you are on stage at one of the many fall festivals in Nashville, that you give your audience something to remember you by, besides great music, of course.Tour Bus Wrap in Nashville

Signage for your band

Make sure that you bring signage with you to every gig. The success of your band is dependent on great music and audience recognition. Make sure you have custom branded signage to make your band seem more professional, as well as increase the recognition factor.

Twisted Concepts has a dedicated wrap facility in Nashville. Contact us to talk about all the things we can wrap to increase the success of your band.