Most Simple and Effective Ways to Market Your Band

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We’ve all either been in a band, or we’re friends with someone in a band, or we’ve dated someone in a band. What we’re trying to say is, there is no shortage of bands or musicians. For music lovers, the plethora of choices is great. For the bands themselves, however, breaking through in the industry is tough and highly competitive. Along with a catchy tune and poetic lyrics, every band needs a marketing strategy. And because you’re musicians, you need to look at the most cost-effective ways to market your band.Marketing tools for bands

Getting your music out to the people

The first thing you need to do to market your band is to get your music out to the people. That means playing every gig you can for maximum exposure. And when you’re not playing, you need to make your music available to anyone who wants to listen. The goal may be to make millions selling your music, but when you’re just trying to break through, your music needs to be free and accessible. That means taking advantage of all the free marketing tools available.

YouTube is the number one online source of music

If you’re going to the free marketing tools, look to social media. Every band needs a YouTube channel. Not only is it free to set up your own channel on YouTube, but YouTube is the number one source of music consumption in the world. Even if YouTube wasn’t free, every band should still make sure their music is available in this medium. With over a billion active users, if you have something worth listening to, YouTube is where you find your fans.

Building a relationship with your fanbase

Using YouTube as your medium to get to your audience is a two-way street. When fans like your music, they want to engage. If your fans engage online, you should be available and open. The ability to communicate with fans instantly is your greatest tool for increasing band awareness and growing your fan base.Vehicle wraps in Nashville

Creating a memorable logo

Besides great music, you need a great logo. Your band logo should be a reflection of your style, your genre, and your personality. And it should be simple and recognizable. A great band logo can turn into great merch and promotional materials. Make t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and posters that you can sell at your next gig. Every t-shirt worn around town by fans, every sticker and button will increase your reach in your local market. Turn your fans into roaming billboards that will continue to market your band after the concert is over.

Vehicle wraps and graphics

Speaking of roaming billboards, if you think a fan walking around wearing your t-shirt or band promo materials will help create buzz around your band, think how far you could reach and how many impressions you could make if you put your band logo on a car, van, or tour bus. When it comes to spending money on marketing your band, no method is more efficient or cost-effective than wrapping a vehicle with your band logo. You’ll generate thousands of impressions a day, and for what it costs, this is a great return on your investment.

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