Two Ways Vehicle Wrap Marketing Can Increase Your Exposure

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If you already have a built-in mobile element to your business, like a pick-up and delivery service, then you already have the perfect marketing tool: your company delivery vehicle. Vehicle wrap marketing is tailor-made for the delivery industry.

Wrapping delivery vehicles

Benefits of vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps can be seen from all angles.

When we think of the delivery industry we think of the US postal service. However, many small businesses offer pick-up and delivery of goods as part of their service. Providing this service means you need to have a delivery vehicle. Take advantage of the advertising space available on your delivery vehicle to increase your exposure.

360 degrees of awareness

Wrapping your delivery vehicle with custom graphics will garner impressions wherever you go. A full vehicle wrap is visible from all angles, giving you 360 degrees worth of exposure. Delivering your product to customers gives you a chance to make a good impression, but while you’re providing excellent service to your customers, your vehicle wrap is working double time to increase exposure for your business. Nosey neighbors, passing traffic, and other pedestrians will take note of your vehicle wrap, creating brand awareness.

Engage your employees

Vehicle wrap for delivery vehicles

Increase the effectiveness of your vehicle wrap by making your drivers “brand ambassadors.”

A vehicle wrap is mobile, which means you get more exposure than a traditional billboard ad. Another benefit of a vehicle wrap is that it comes with a brand ambassador, aka — your employees. Employees need to match your corporate culture and be great at communicating and providing customer service. Your employees represent your brand, so make sure that they are ready to engage in conversation and answer questions from potential customers they meet on their deliveries.

Get your delivery fleet wrapped with custom graphics and increase your brand exposure. Contact Twisted Design for more information.