Fleet Wraps and Graphics Will Drive Your Business to New Heights

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A fleet wrap is the best use of your marketing dollars. When it comes to advertising, nothing is more effective than a wrap. Compared to other forms of marketing and advertising, fleet graphics is cost-effective, scalable, and much less restricting.

Benefits of fleet wraps

With many other forms of advertising, you are forced to pay for a certain number of TV/Radio spots or print advertisements. With TV, radio, and magazine marketing you are also limiting your reach. A fleet wrap will reach as far as you can drive. There is unlimited potential to fleet wraps.Fleet wrapping in Nashville

Unlimited reach

When you are paying for traditional forms of advertisement, you are specifically targeting a certain audience. With a fleet wrap, you have unlimited reach. You reach everyone you pass on the street, so you are not only focusing on one demographic but reaching as many people as possible. With any other form of advertising, you’d have to spend a fortune to get that much reach or to cast that wide of a net. Fleet graphics can’t help themselves, they want to be seen, and will be seen by everyone.


Fleet wrap graphics are easy to scale up when your business grows. It’s easy to add more vehicles to your fleet or to wrap more vehicles with graphics to expand your reach. You can start small, wrapping just a few vehicles in your fleet. As the graphics start to pay off and your customer base grows, you can start wrapping more and more vehicles.

Memorable advertising

Fleet wrapping in NashvilleYour customers are much more likely to remember a memorable vehicle wrap than any other form of traditional advertisement. Make sure that your wrap is professionally installed for the most memorable effect, and work with professional designers to give your wrap the biggest impact on your customers.

Twisted Concepts can wrap just about anything. That includes tour buses, band vans, cars, and your musical instruments. You may have even seen one of our Tour Busses on the road! Call us today!