Turning Your Motorcycle Into Advertising Space with a Vinyl Wrap

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Cars, trucks, and buses seem like natural places to advertise your business, but don’t discount the marketing potential of your motorcycle. We can wrap anything so that you can get more recognition for your business wherever you go. A motorcycle wrap lets you take full advantage of every inch of space you have, turning your motorcycle into a rolling billboard.

Designing a motorcycle vehicle wrap

The surface area that you have to work with on a motorcycle is smaller than your typical vehicle. You need to think about keeping your sign simple and effective. You also have to consider your position on the bike, and how your body may be hiding some of the design as you ride. If you include writing in your motorcycle wrap, make sure that it can be seen when you are in motion, not just when the motorcycle is parked.Motorcycle Wraps

Colors and logo


A motorcycle wrap should not have too much writing or information. The most effective wraps for motorcycles are those that utilize your signature colors or your logo. Consider all the curves and contours of a motorcycle and think of how you can take the essence of your business and translate that to a bad-ass vehicle wrap.

Professional installation

You’d think it’s easier to install a vehicle wrap on a motorcycle because it is smaller and more manageable. However, on such a small surface, any mistake is magnified. Tiny bubbles, or curled up edges are going to appear much more prominent on a smaller surface. The design is also easily warped because of its size, so you want to get a professional to wrap your motorcycle. You want the motorcycle to be wrapped in a temperature controlled and dust-free environment, and you want to make sure that you are using the best materials.

The longevity of your vehicle wrap depends on the installation, so get it done by a professional vehicle wrap installation company, like Twisted Concepts in Nashville.