The Quickest Way to Rebrand Your Company Fleet with Quality Vehicle Wraps

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Sometimes a company needs to rebrand. Rebranding is a huge undertaking, both financially and timewise. When you rebrand, you need to rebrand every aspect of our business and change all your materials at the same time, including your vehicle wraps. Coordinating a rebranding effort with brand new vehicle wraps can be difficult, but Twisted Concepts makes it easy.Changing vehicle wraps

Rebranding your business

A rebranding effort often comes with an upgraded or new logo. Many times the colors are changed or revitalized. The font could change, as well as your company tagline. To make your rebranding successful you need to launch your new brand in one coordinated effort. That means that all signs, promotional materials, business cards, advertisements, and social media accounts all need to be changed at the same time. The reason that a coordinated effort is important is so that you don’t confuse your customers with new and old branding. The success of your brand is based on recognition, so having both your old and new branding is going to muddle the impact of your rebranding efforts.

Changing vehicle wraps

Rebranding your business

We’ll help coordinate your rebranding by changing the wraps on your company fleet.

One of the most impactful marketing tools is vehicle wraps. When you are rebranding, you need to change out your vehicle wraps so that there is consistency across the board. However, taking all of your vehicles out of rotation to have the wraps and decals changed with the new branding can be difficult and costly for a business.

Installing multiple vehicle wraps for rebranding

We have a dedicated temperature controlled and dust-free vehicle wrapping facility that can quickly rebrand your fleet. If you’re rebranding and need all fleets transformed quickly, Twisted Concepts offers high-quality vehicle wrap installations that fit the exact make and model of your vehicle. We will get your fleet back on the road, generating thousands of impressions a day to improve your business.

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