Designing a Logo That is Versatile and Works for All Mediums

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When you design a logo for your business, you have to think about how that logo is going to be used. Make sure that your logo design is versatile. Your logo should translate to all advertising mediums, especially vehicle wraps and graphics.

Making sure your logo is versatile

Designing great logo for vehicle graphics

Make sure your logo will grab the attention of potential customers while in motion.

There are print media, radio, television, internet, and film advertisement. But, these are all costly, and they reach a limited audience. A vehicle wrap is the best use of marketing dollars. But, the logo needs to work with the vehicle.

Logo design stages

A great logo needs to be simple in design. It has to be readable and understandable. Your logo needs to reflect your brand and relate to your target audience. It has to be memorable, yet timeless. When it comes to vehicle wraps, your logo needs to be scalable whether it be for a website, cars, billboards, etc.

Turning your logo into a vehicle wrap

Getting your logo installed on your vehicle may seem simple, but there are several things that could go wrong. Make sure your logo is going to be readable as a moving billboard. Most of the time, your logo will be in motion, so it has to grab the attention of your audience in a flash and make a lasting impression. Especially when driving around Nashville.

Get it custom designed

Nashville vehicle wrap facility.

Have your vehicle wrap designed to fit the exact make and model of your vehicle.

Work with a vehicle wrap company that will custom design your logo to fit your vehicle. The design should be considerate of the curves and breaks and edges of your vehicle. Once installed, it should look like it was painted on, and flow seamlessly with the car. Good design and professional installation will not only look good, but it will make a great impression on thousands of potential customers.

Twisted Concepts is a vehicle wrap design and installation facility in Nashville. Our vehicle wraps are custom-designed to fit the exact make and model of your vehicle. This includes cars, vans, pickups, motor homes; you name it, we can wrap it. Vehicle wrap advertising is the best way to quickly transform a work vehicle or a fleet into an eye-catching way to reach new customers. Even when it’s parked on the street, it’s doing the same work a billboard would do.