Custom Wrap Your Instruments to Enhance Your Band Style and Image

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Musicians don’t just need to be at the forefront of style trends and fashion; they need to start the trends. The instruments and band gear is a big part of the identity of the band. Incorporate your guitar, bass, drums, and other instruments in the entire look and vibe that you want to give off, and then design a custom wrap.

Wrapping your instruments

An artist and musician have a special relationship with their instruments. They may travel with several guitars, but every musician has their favorite. You don’t just give up your favorite guitar because you are changing up your image. Vinyl wraps for instruments will both change the style and vibe, without fear of damaging the original instrument.

Branding your band

Vinyl wraps will protect vintage guitars.

Sentimental and Monetary Value

An instrument can have both sentimental and monetary value. Classic guitars come with a rich history and can be worth a lot of money. Vinyl wraps will protect the instrument, retaining its value, both emotionally and financially. High-quality wraps can easily be changed or removed if you are ready to go back to the original.

Custom wraps

When you choose a custom wrap for your instruments, you can make it fit your exact instrument, and you can create the precise aesthetic you want. The look of your instrument is tailor-made for you with a custom vinyl wrap. Instead of looking for an instrument that most resembles your style, you can create your own wrap that is ideally in line with your new image.

Custom vinyl wraps for instruments

Custom wrap your drumset to enhance the image and style of your band.


Having instruments that compliment the entire vibe of the band will have a much bigger impact on your audience. Vinyl wraps are cost-effective ways to brand your band and give your fans a complete experience. Custom wrapped instruments are eye-catching and memorable.

Twisted Concepts can wrap all of your instruments with custom vinyl wraps.