How Do Vinyl Wraps Hold Up in the Winter?

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Can Harsh Winters Damage a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap?

Quality vinyl wraps are fabricated with an adhesive that is made to endure cold weather, ice, snow, road salt, and other external elements. Even though it is still crucial to take specific actions to help protect them from the challenges of winter weather. Here are some care tips for making your car wrap last longer.

Don’t Use a Scraper

During winter, ice and snow can quickly build-up on your vehicle. Using a scraper or snow shovels will only scratch your vehicle vinyl wrap and graphics. To remove ice and snow, use a soft cloth or a soft brush along with the car’s window defroster.

Keep it Cleanvinyl wrap services

Cleaning your car wrap will make it last longer. The best way to clean it is by hand. Use soap and warm water. Stay away from power washers and chemical cleaners that will damage the vinyl.

Eliminate Road Salt

Road salts are formulated to keep snow at bay. Most vinyl materials are fabricated to endure the damaging effects of road salt. But it is still critical to eliminate road salt from your vinyl wrap regularly. Don’t leave it on your vehicle vinyl wraps and graphics for long periods as its corrosiveness will cause permanent damage.

Last but not least, if you notice holes and tears in the vinyl, get them repaired immediately by professional vinyl installers.

Vinyl Wraps in Tennessee

At Twisted Concepts, we understand that your vinyl vehicle wrap is an investment. That is why we apply the vinyl vehicle wrap only in a temperature-controlled environment to make sure that the wrap is applied correctly and to the highest standards. Our team will always work hard to ensure your investment will withstand not only winter but years to come.professional vinyl installers

If you would like to learn more about our vinyl wrap services, please call us at (615) 891-3123.