Vehicle Wrap Companies: Distinguishing the Experts From the Amateurs

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A vehicle wrap is the most cost-effective way to advertise a business, but it’s also the most cost-effective way to give your vehicle a cosmetic makeover. Vehicle wraps can be personalized to give your vehicle a brand new look, color, or graphics as well as turned into a rolling billboard to promote your company. Because vehicle wrapping has become so popular, more and more “experts” are popping up. Here is how to distinguish the experts from the amateurs.

Check the portfolio

Best vehicle wrap facilityThe first thing that a vehicle wrap company needs is the experience. With experience comes a portfolio. Always check to see a company’s prior work. Vehicle wrapping and design requires great artists, so you should always look to see if you love the artwork of a company. The second is to make sure that they have the experience to do a great job.

If you are looking at a new and young company, check the qualifications and resume of the vehicle wrappers they have working for them. As long as they have qualified wrap artists, then you should feel confident leaving your vehicle in their skillful hands.


Make sure that the vinyl used to wrap your vehicle is of the highest quality, both for visual qualifications, but also to ensure the longevity of the wrap. If you want the wrap to last, you need to use quality materials.

Custom fit

Along with the best quality vinyl, make sure that the company promises to custom fit the graphics onto your vehicle. If the wrap isn’t custom-fitted, you may get a wonky design that doesn’t quite look right. It’s the difference between buying a pair of pants and rolling the legs up, so they fit, and going to a tailor to have them custom-fitted. The best vehicle wrap companies will always custom fit the graphics to the exact make and model of your vehicle.

Best wrapping company in Nashville

Custom fitted in a state of the art wrapping facility.


Of course, a great design, custom fitting, and quality materials won’t go far if the artists don’t have a state of the art facility to work their magic. The final qualification for a great vehicle wrap company is that they have a wrapping facility that is both dust and temperature controlled. And, it should be big enough to fit the vehicle and handle the job in question. To make sure that the facility is up to par, visiting the company and checking it out first hand is always a good idea.

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