Three Steps to Ensure You Get the Best Vehicle Wrap

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Vehicle wraps are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to innovations in graphics, printing and installation, the cost of getting a vehicle wrap greatly outweighs the potential returns. It’s quite simply the best form of advertising for any business, big or small. However, with popularity comes a lot of people willing to take advantage. Before you choose a graphics installation company near you, there are three steps to ensure that you are dealing with a certified professional.

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Look for Graphics Installation Certifications

Of course, the first step to ensuring that you’re dealing with a professional graphics installation expert is to ask for proof of certification. If they don’t have that, keep on moving. The cost of a graphic installation by a certified professional is well worth every penny and choosing to save a few extra bucks by using an uncertified company is going to cost you a lot more in repairs, or complete do-overs in the very near future. Now, let’s get to those three steps.

Measuring the vehicle

Many installation companies will rely on templates of each type of vehicle. At Twisted Concepts, we make sure to measure each vehicle that comes into our shop. You can’t promise custom-designed wraps to fit the exact make and model of your vehicle by following a template. You need to get out and measure the vehicle. And, that’s what we do.

Preparing the vehicle

You also want to make sure that your installation company will properly prepare your vehicle for the perfect installation. That means that some hardware and emblems will need to be taken off of your vehicle. You want the cleanest canvas to work with, not only to ensure the best installation, but also to ensure that you utilize every inch of space that you have.

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Temperature controlled environment

When you work with vinyl you need to make sure that you’re working in a dust free and temperature controlled environment. The vinyl will react differently at different temperatures. In our facility, we make sure that the temperature is just right so as not to overstretch the vinyl (too hot) or allow the vinyl to shrink and fail (too cold.)

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