The Key Ingredients to a Perfect Vehicle Wrap

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What Makes Designing a Vehicle Wrap So Difficult?

The key ingredients in a perfect vehicle wrap are something businesses and companies near the Nashville area should research for themselves, especially if they’re interested in having their company vehicles or their fleet wrapped with vinyl vehicle wraps. Many companies that offer wrapping services are simply providing the execution of putting the wrap on the vehicle or fleet. But designing a flat sign is one thing. Designing for the surface of a van, car, or truck is a more sophisticated process.

The Vinyl

There are many different manufacturers of vinyl and quality matters when it comes to a vehicle wrap. You can’t use the same quality vinyl on a car that you can on a banner or a decal, and the reason for that is simple. The vinyl needs to stretch across the surface of the vehicle. It’s not durable, and it’s going to tear.


Again, the difficulties here lie in the fact that different forms of vinyl require a different amount of ink to be laid on it. Wide format digital printing has a code for various forms of vinyl that make small adjustments to get the image right. Not every print shop is going to be aware of that, especially those that don’t specialize in vehicle wrapping.

Prepping the Surface of the Vehicle

Any substance on the surface of the vehicle has to be removed, including wax. The vehicle is completely cleaned and then left to dry. Wax is particularly tricky to deal with. The surface of the car must be gone over more than once. Anything left behind can cause the wrap to lift or tear. It’s very easily overlooked.

The Facility

We’ve talked about the intricacies of the facility used in other blog posts before. Suffice it to say, if you see vinyl vehicle wraps being installed outside, keep driving. They aren’t going to last.

Profession Vehicle Wrap Design and Installation in Nashville

If you are in the Nashville Area, reach out to the team at Twisted Concept for a professional vehicle wrap. We’ll help you design a wrap to fit your vehicle perfectlyContact us today to get a quote!