Location, Location, Location: Make the Most of Yours with Great Advertising

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Location, Location, Location

We have all heard these words uttered in the real estate world. Yet if we are honest, having the best location is only part of the formula. And does it even matter? The reason why we are questioning this is that we are living in a more mobile environment. The traditional office has been moved to mobile offices, meetings in boardrooms have transitioned to virtual meetings you can have anywhere.

3 Keys to Advertising

Freshbusinessthinking.com gives us three reasons why location is critical for outdoor advertising. Feel free to read the article when you finish, but here are the three reasons.

  1. It is incredibly useful and ranks just behind television advertising and ahead of online ads when consumers are asked to recall what they have seen.
  2. An essential factor for successful advertisements is knowing your target audience. You have to know who you want to buy your products and how to reach them.
  3. Location is key. Your advertisement should be in full view of your target audience.
Vehicle wrap is non aggressive advertising

Custom branded vinyl advertising tells people what you do.

Twisted Concepts with Custom Advertising

In Nashville, a high-quality vehicle wrap can help you and your business succeed in each of these three key factors of advertisement. Here is how:

  1. Advertisement is about getting noticed, and then having your audience remember your business or brand when they are in need, or ready to make a purchase. A high-quality vehicle wrap or vinyl branding on your vehicle will do just that and help your company stand out.
  2. Like you, the target audience for your business is not static, and in the same place every day. They are in a hurry and do not have the time to be hassled by aggressive advertising. That is called nonaggressive advertising, and a well-done wrap provides this for you and your business.
  3. In Nashville, a custom vehicle wrap will help you reach your target audience without disturbing you or them as you go about your day. Think of that service call you were on today. The neighbor saw your custom wrapped business vehicle and will now know who to call when they have an issue.


We at Twisted Concepts want to help you make the most of all your hard work, and partner with you by helping you get noticed. As a team, we have over fifty years of shop expertise and can help you by providing a high-quality vehicle wrap for any vehicle that you might have. That way, you can stand out no matter where you are. Let us know if you would like a quote or have any questions.