Keep Your Vehicle Wrap Cool in the Hot Summer Months

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We don’t have to tell you about the hot and humid Nashville summers. But, we should tell you that while you are protecting your own skin from the sun, you also need to think about the “skin” on your vehicles. If you have a vehicle wrap, take care to protect it from the heat.Protecting vehicle wraps in the heat

Heat can damage your vehicle wrap

There’s a reason we wrap all of our vehicles in a temperature controlled wrap facility. It’s because high temperatures (and low temperatures) can compromise the wrap and make it stretch, shrink, and bubble. Once you have your wrap beautifully installed in our facility, it’s up to you to protect it from the summer heat.

Avoid direct sunlight

Keeping your wrapped vehicle out of direct sunlight is the best thing you can do for your vehicle and your wrap. Direct sunlight is bad all around, and your car doesn’t need Vitamin D to enhance performance so there’s no reason why your vehicle shouldn’t avoid the sun altogether. Unless unavoidable, keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight. It will protect the vehicle wrap, as well as the paint job.

Clean off dust and pollutants

Besides humidity and heat, Nashville also has the same dust and pollutants flying about in the air as every other major city. However, the constant heat and humidity is the perfect adhesive for all the dust and pollutants to attach to your vehicle. If you don’t regularly wash your vehicle, they can get lodged deep in the wrap, eventually causing damage. Handwashing is always best, as drive-through car washes can damage the vehicle wrap.

Be gentle

Quality vehicle wrap in NashvilleIf your vehicle has been in direct sunlight, find some shade and allow the vehicle to cool down a bit before you wash. Don’t scrub too hard if the vehicle is hot, as it could distort, pull, or wrinkle the vinyl wrap. You can also hose the car down with cool water to prevent it from being too hot to handle.

Dry your car

It’s important to dry off your vehicle after it has been washed. If you leave it wet, not only can the water leave tiny spots all over your vehicle, but a wet vehicle will simply attract a bunch of new dust and then you’re back to square one.

Quality vehicle wrap installation in Nashville

Twisted Concepts has a state of the art vehicle wrapping bay that is temperature controlled for the best vehicle wrap installation. The first step to protecting your vehicle wrap is to make sure that you get a quality installation.