Graphic Branding and Vinyl Banners for Your Next Concert

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Every band, whether you’re still rehearsing in your mom’s garage or you’ve moved on to a professional studio, needs proper branding materials. Vehicle graphics on a tour van or bus is the number one way to market your band, but there are other ways to make a big impact at your next concert.

Branding your bandCustom vinyl banners

One of the more popular ways to brand your band is guitar graphics and vinyl banners. When you’re on the road, vehicle graphics will make thousands of impressions, but when you get to your next gig, you need to make your band look as professional as possible. It takes more than just great music to make it in the music industry. You have to be the complete package.

Custom backdrop banners

You want to decorate the stage to match your band. It’s up to you to bring your own branding and make it a complete experience for the audience. Having a custom banner with the band name and logo design hung up on the stage will make a bigger impact as your audience is waiting for you to come out, and when you are rocking out on stage. Custom banners for the stage are especially important in a festival setting where you are sharing the stage with many other bands. Stand out with a custom vinyl backdrop for the stage.

Custom guitar and bass wraps

Custom banners and vinyl wrapsAs you move to the front of the stage for a ripping guitar solo, make a big impression with a custom guitar wrap. At Twisted Concepts, we can customize vinyl graphics to fit any shape and size, not just vehicles. We can amp up your branding and your band impact with custom graphics for your guitars and basses. Not only will a custom guitar graphic be a point of conversation, creating more buzz about your band, but it will protect the original paint on your guitar. Graphics aren’t permanent, so you can switch it up and change it from show to show, or tour to tour.

Not all vehicle and vinyl wrapping companies are made equally. In order to provide durable, long lasting vinyl wraps, extreme care must be taken during the wrapping process. That includes making sure that the facility in which the wrap is installed maintains an optimal temperature. For the best vinyl graphic design and installation, contact Twisted Concepts in Nashville.