Font Style that Reflects Your Company Philosophy and Personality

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Fonts have personality and a psychological impact on your target audience. The font you choose for a logo should be carefully considered to make sure it gives off the right impression. Here’s how the right font can help improve your brand and expand your reach.

Personality of fonts

Your logo is like a visual “hello” to your target audience. Your logo is how you communicate with your target audience, so you want to make sure that your font is saying the right things. The right font can have a physical and emotional impact on your audience, so take advantage of the psychological effect of fonts.

Branding your business

Every font has a personality and can help you communicate with your target audience.

Font personality

The font you use will give your logo – and your business – an instant personality and characteristics. Before you choose a script type, you need to understand what kind of character you want your business to give off. Are you fun and flirty, innocent and romantic, strong and trustworthy? All of these things can be said with the right font.

Understanding your demographic

Knowing how your target demographic likes to communicate can help you find the right style of font. Describe your ideal customer. How old are they, where do they hang out, how do they communicate, what are their hobbies? The personality of your target audience can clue you into the right type of font that will speak to them.

Is it legible?

Choosing a font for logo

Match your font to your brand.

Finally, make sure that you use the correct spacing and size for your logo. You might choose a dramatic and cursive-like font to evoke romance, elegance, and whimsy, but if you can’t read it from afar, then you will fail to communicate anything to your customers. Whenever you try out a font, size, and spacing, you always want to ask the question, “is it legible?”

Once you have your logo and your font, talk to Twisted Concepts about wrapping your logo on just about anything – planes, trains, and automobiles.