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The advertising medium that allows many daily impacts to a consumer

Marketing of commercial vehicles is the most dynamic advertising. Print advertising, radio spots, commercial spots. If you have a business and you have considered promoting it, surely you have inevitably fallen into the topic of going to traditional media. It is not that it is a mistake. However, these media are saturated with advertising and, what is more important, consumers are increasingly reluctant to consume and give credibility to these types of promotions since they perceive it as something imposed. Nobody likes to be forced to do or stop doing certain things! Especially when it comes to something as free and optional as the consumption of advertising.

Vehicle wrap is better than paint

A vehicle wrap will protect the original paint job and can be removed.

The truth is that most companies that advertise through digital media resort to hiring a specialist that guarantees the return on investment; it is about the publicists specialized in digital media, or also the profession of Community Manager, which emerges with great force in recent years. But if you have no budget for it, today we propose a very effective alternative. We are talking about the labeling of vehicles, ideal for companies that have their own fleet of vehicles and that make use of them daily to carry out their activity: freight transport companies, means of transport, restaurants with home delivery, sports teams, etc.

The labeling of commercial vehicles is carried out with different objectives: on the one hand, it improves the image of the company. On the other hand, it is a great showcase to promote the business. It is about those who do not know the brand being attracted, and in the case of those who already know it, to improve their perception and notoriety in front of the rest of brands or businesses of the competition. We refer to pull advertising because it is precisely the key to the commercial vehicle labeling since this type of advertising or promotion of company image is perceived in an environment far from the persuasion characteristic of traditional media. The user who waits at a bus stop or walks down a street, away from advertising saturation, is receptive and receives the message in a positive way.dynamic advertizing


Twisted Concepts vehicle wraps are custom-designed to fit the exact make and model of your vehicle. That includes cars, vans, pickups, motor homes; you name it, we can wrap it.