Choosing Matte or Shiny Wraps for Your Vehicle

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Vehicle wraps allow car owners in Nashville to get a little more creative and a little bolder with the look of our vehicle. Although wraps are the perfect form of advertisement, we can also use them in one simple way: changing up the color of our vehicle. Once you settle on a cool color for your car, bus or truck, there’s one more step to take, and that’s deciding if you want the color to be glossy or matte.

Changing the color with wraps

Matte vehicle wrap

A matte finish is rich and lux.

Since a vinyl wrap is simply placed over the original paint job of your vehicle, you can feel more confident in experimenting with new colors, knowing that you can remove the wrap and return the car to “normal”. Vehicle wraps have given us a lot more freedom to personalize our vehicles. Although glossy colors are more normal, we’re seeing more and more people move towards a matte look for a little extra dose of personality. But, what’s the difference, and what are the pros and cons of matte vs. glossy vehicle wraps?

Glossy vs. satin finish

You’d think that the shiny, glossy look of a traditional vehicle would stand out more, but a matte finish can also be noticeable and attractive. A glossy finish will sparkle and shine in the sunlight. However, a little dust and dirt will show up much more prominently. Of course, if you’re all about tradition, then the glossy finish is the way to go. If you also want your vehicle to stand out amongst the rest, you can personalize a color to give it a unique vibe.

Glossy vehicle wrap

A glossy finish will make your vehicle shine.

A matte finish is having a hey-day right now. The matte finish will give your vehicle a softer look, and yet the matte finish will make it stand out next to all other glossy vehicles. There are luxe and richness to a matte finish. A matte finish may also highlight the curves and shapes of your vehicle, highlighting the make and model. So if you’re looking to show off your fancy car, a matte finish will add some extra definition.

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