Twisted Concepts works alongside other businesses to improve and innovate advertisement. We understand graphics and have 50 years of combined experience, which gives us the edge and confidence to help our clients develop their marketing ideas. By implementing boat, car, anything large format printing, large format graphics, and printing, our clients increase the upper hand in advertising, bringing to light their products, business, and company's vision to their current and future clients. Our multifacet firm provides our clients with boat wraps, car, wraps, Plasti-Dip, and large format printing. We are in Nashville, TN, where we are aware of what kind of large format printing is needed to convey the community to consider your business. Allow us to guide you with your advertising needs. Visit our website and find more information on our diverse services regarding wraps, Plasti-Dip, and signage. Our experienced staff is on standby for you. Send us an email, give us a call, and our professional team will be more than glad to walk you through the steps necessary to work with you in improving how you do advertisement. Don't wait; call today!


Plasti-Dip is one of those fast-growing ideas that are changing the way we view our vehicles. It is not paint or a conventional car wrap that goes on the boat or car. It is a robust plastic-like film that covers the original paint changing the way vehicles look. It can be a boat, an 18-wheeler rig, a work truck, or just your everyday speedy car you want to show off on the highway. Either way, we can take care of those graphics. Twisted Concepts isn't your traditional graphics shop; we are different and modern with our creativity. large format printing won't scratch your original surface, and it can be removed at any time. There is no time to waste; give us a call to discuss your next graphics project. We know Plasti-Dip can be a form of marketing as well. With your company's name on it, everyone will be asking what your business is about. Give us a try. Let your next graphics job be the one that brings in clients to your door. Visit our website for more information. Call now!

Commercial wrap

Consider Twisted Concepts for your next commercial marketing plan. We specialize in creating large format printing from scratch up to installation. Your company may have a fleet of cars, even a fleet of boats that can be used to gain the attention of your community on the road or the lake. We know it takes hard work and dedication from your part and your team to make things happen and come on top at the end of the year and that it is what motivates us to ask you to consider us for your commercial vehicle wrap. We are in the Brentwood, TN area ready to be at your service. Call us today for a free estimate for your next advertising strategy. Our expert team is ready to answer your questions regarding the process of getting wrapped in the best way to advertise. Don't wait another day to be the best! Call now!

Consider that Twisted Concepts is a modern company with over 50 years of combined experience and the knowledge to help you with determining what your marketing needs are. Our experienced team has been certified to design and install wraps, large format printing in all types of vehicles and boats, design large format graphics, and also offer Plasti-Dip services. You may have seen cars or watercrafts with our graphics in the area of Nashville, TN. That's because our clients have decided to take steps toward creating a successful business or just enjoying their ride with a different look or skin like some say. Whether you are a small start-up business, a large corporation, or a private party, we are here to help and provide you with not only personal customer service, but an exceptional large format printing graphics experience. Visit our website for more information on how we can serve you and obtain information on our graphics services. Don't let another day pass without taking advantage of this efficient way to advertise, or just to make your ride unique. Schedule an appointment now!